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“VILLOHOME” is more than just an e-commerce online store. As the name suggests, Villohome is a “Home” where a family lives, expands and thrives. Our family is not limited to just our management and our employees but our customers, suppliers, market places, Third party warehouses, and all our other business associates are parts of our family. We aim to be an ultimate flooring destination for our customers by providing them great quality products, a wide range of collection, faster delivery, and affordable prices. Backed by extremely disruptive minds with years of experience, Villohome possesses international market knowledge, attention to detail and supply chain know-how to meet the expectations of our customers at all times. Everything that we say and that we do, we literally believe in it..Read More

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  • At Villohome, we want to give our customers a peace of mind by offering them potential savings when they order samples from our website. At Villohome, we completely understand that customers sometimes prefer to see the sample first to bring more confidence to their purchase decision. Keeping this awareness in mind, Villohome wants to give a freedom to its customers to order samples without having to worry about the shipping cost or the sample cost itself. At Villohome, we are giving a full credit for the cost of the samples when they order the samples along with any product purchase so for example, if you order 2 samples from our site, it will cost you $19.98 ($9.99/sample) with FREE SHIPPING however if you order these samples along with your actual product purchase (regardless of the quantity purchased), you will also be able to get a full credit for the sample cost by using a coupen code. (use code “VH1” if you are ordering 1 sample and “VH2” if you are ordering 2 samples).
  • If you have any questions on our “Sample Savings”, submit our online enquiry form or call 1-810-208-9223 between Mon – Sat 9 am – 9 pm (EST).


  • At Villohome, we completely understand how difficult it is to make a purchase decision being a buyer hence our goal is to let our customers focus entirely on their purchase decision and keep all other worries aside. In alignment with this goal, we have introduced a “FREE SHIPPING”  promotion for our USA based customers which will allow you to buy as much as your project requires and pay $0* for Shipping/Delivery so now you can browse through our wonderful product collections and add the products that best match your project requirement to your cart without having to worry about how much will you be charged for shipping these products to your address.
  • If you have any questions on our “$0* Shipping promotion”, submit our online enquiry form or call 1-810-208-9223 between Mon – Sat 9 am – 9 pm (EST).



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